Honors Garden

garden1The Howard County Conservancy’s Honors Garden opened in the spring of 2006. The 1.36-acre garden is an ideal way to honor individuals or organizations in a natural setting. Senator James Clark, a founding member of the Conservancy, dedicated the Honors Garden in memory of his late brother, John L. Clark. Trees, shrubs and flower beds with recognition plaques line walkways and seating areas, creating a beautiful and peaceful garden. Native plants and native plant cultivars are selected based on sustainability at each planting site.  These plants provide a colorful seasonal display and offer practical ideas to homeowners interested in native plant gardening.

Pervious paver stone pathway complete! The Conservancy received grant funding from the State of Maryland to finish the pervious paver stones pathway within the Honors Garden. The Honors Garden is now accessible to  visitor while allowing rainwater to infiltrate. We offer engraved paver stones as a sponsorship option within this pathway. The pathway allows visitors to explore this destination garden and discover all the life that furishes within, from the beauitful native flowers and the birds and butterflies they attract, to the frogs and toads in and around our water features.

Gifts for the Honors Garden will be accepted in honor of, in memorial, or in celebration of individuals or organizations. Options available, starting at $600 and include shrubs, perennial beds, and engraved paver stones and stepping stones. The cost covers the planting, a recognition plaque, engraving, and maintenance. It may take up to one year for new features to be installed. Occasionally special events are held in this garden. If you would like to check the schedule, please contact our office. If you are interested in dedicating a garden element or have questions, please contact Tabby Fique for further information.

The John L. Clark Honors Garden is just one component of the Arboretum at the Conservancy, which also includes the gardens and plantings around the historic house, outbuildings and demonstration gardens.