Biodiversity – Mt. Pleasant

Trees & Wildlife at the Howard County Conservancy’s Mt. Pleasant Farm


For more information on biodiversity at Mt. Pleasant you can visit the Maryland Biodiversity Program’s site:


Birds at Mt. Pleasant

These birds have been sighted at Mt. Pleasant Farm by the Howard County Bird Club – View their Site Guide

Snow GooseYellow-bellied SapsuckerBrown ThrasherMagnolia Warbler
Canada GooseDowny WoodpeckerNorthern MockingbirdBay-breasted Warbler
Tundra SwanHairy WoodpeckerEuropean StarlingBlackburnian Warbler
Wood DuckNorthern FlickerCedar WaxwingYellow Warbler
MallardPileated WoodpeckerHouse SparrowChestnut-sided Warbler
Northern PintailAmerican KestrelAmerican PipitBlackpoll Warbler
Hooded MerganserMerlinEvening GrosbeakBlack-Throated Blue Warbler
Northern BobwhitePeregrine FalconHouse FinchPalm Warbler
Rig-necked PheasantOlive-sided FlycatcherPurple FinchYellow-rumped Warbler
Wild TurkeyEastern Wood-PeweeRed CrossbillPrairie Warbler
Rock PigeonAcadian FlycatcherPine SiskinBlack-throated Green Warbler
Mourning DoveAlder FlycatcherAmerican GoldfinchCanada Warbler
Yellow-billed CuckooWillow FlycatcherGrasshopper SparrowWilson's Warbler
Black-billed CuckooLeast Flycatcher
Chipping SparrowScarlet Tanager
Common NighthawkEaster PhoebeClay-colored SparrowNorthern Cardinal
Chimney SwiftGreat Crested FlycatcherField SparrowRose-breasted Grosbeak
Ruby-throated HummingbirdEastern KingbirdFox SparrowBlue Grosbeak
Black-bellied PloverWhite-eyed VireoAmerican Tree SparrowIndigo Bunting
KilldeerYellow-throated VireoDark-eyed JuncoDickcissel
Upland SandpiperBlue-headed VireoWhite-crowned SparrowBald Eagle
Wilson's SnipePhiladelphia VireoWhite-throated SparrowCommon Raven
American WoodcockWarbling VireoVesper SparrowBlack-capped Chickadee
Spotted SandpiperRed-eyed VireoLeConte's SparrowTundra Swan
Solitary SandpiperBlue JayNelson's SparrowBlack-crowned Night Heron
Bonaparte's GullAmerican CrowSavannah Sparrow
Laughing GullFish CrowSong Sparrow
Ring-billed GullCommon CrowLincoln's Sparrow
Herring GullHorned LarkSwamp Sparrow
Great Black-backed GullBank SwallowEastern Towhee
Common LoonTree SwallowYellow-breasted Chat
Double-crested CormorantN. Rough-winged SwallowBobolink
American BitternPurple MartinEastern Meadowlark
Great Blue HeronBarn SwallowOrchard Oriole
Great EgretCarolina ChickadeeBaltimore Oriole
Green HeronTufted TitmouseRed-winged Blackbird
Glossy IbisRed-breasted NuthatchBrown-headed Cowbird
Black VultureWhite-breasted NuthatchRusty Blackbird
Turkey VultureBrown CreeperCommon Grackle
OspreyHouse WrenOvenbird
Northern HarrierWinter WrenNorthern Waterthrush
Sharp-shinned HawkSedge WrenGolden-winged Warbler
Cooper's HawkMarsh WrenBlue-winged Warbler
Red-shouldered HawkCarolina WrenBlack-and-white Warbler
Broad-winged HawlBlue-gray GnatcatcherTennessee Warbler
Red-tailed HawkGolden-crowned KingletOrange-crowned Warbler
Rough-legged HawkRuby-covered KingletNashville Warbler
Eastern Screech OwlEastern BluebirdConnecticut Warbler
Barred OwlVeeryMourning Warbler
Great Horned OwlSwainson's ThrushCommon Yellowthroat
Belted KingfisherHermit ThrushAmerican Redstart
Red-headed WoodpeckerAmerican RobinCape May Warbler
Red-bellied WoodpeckerGray CatbirdNorthern Parula


Mammals at Mt. Pleasant

American BeaverMinkEastern Fox Squirrel
MuskratLong-tailed WeaselEastern Chipmunk
Virginia OpossumStriped SkunkWhite-footed deer Mouse
Gray FoxCommon RaccoonMeadow Shrew
Red FoxEastern CottontailNorthern Short-tailed Shrew
GroundhogEastern Gray SquirrelWhite-tailed Deer

Mammal Not Spotted, But Possible

Various Bat Species
Black Bear
Eastern Coyote
Northern Flying Squirrel
Various Mole and Shrew Species



Reptiles at Mt. Pleasant

Eastern Box TurtleEastern Black RatsnakeNorthern Black Racer
Snapping TurtleEastern MilksnakeNorthern Brown Snake
Spotted TurtleEastern RibbonsnakeQueensnake
Common GatersnakeHognose SnakeRing-necked Snake
Five-lined Skink



Amphibians at Mt. Pleasant

American ToadSpring PeeperNorthern Dusky Salamander
Gray Tree FrogSouthern Leopard FrogNorthern Two-lined Salamander
Green FrogWood FrogRed Salamander
Pickerel FrogAmerican BullfrogSpotted Salamander


Fish at Mt. Pleasant

Blacknose Dace
Longnose Dace
Rosyside Dace
Creek Chub
Largemouth Bass
Mottled Sculpin
White Sucker


Insects at Mt. Pleasant

Bee Species

Carlin's AndrenaDoubled CeratinaGotham Bee
Spring Beauty AndrenaNimble CeratinaWool Carder Bee
Honey BeeTwo-spotted Long-horned BeePorter's Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
Black-and-Gold Bumble BeeThistle Long-horned BeeSay's Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
Two-spotted Bumble BeeHibiscus BeeCuckoo-leaf-cutter Bee
Golden Northern Bumble BeeNorthern Carpenter BeeCommon Little Leaf-cutter Bee
Brown-belted Bumble BeePure Green AugochloraFlat-tailed Leaf-cutter Bee
Common Eastern Bumble BeeSweat BeeSilver-tail Petal-cutter Bee
Perplexing Bumble BeeBruner's DialictusAlfalfa Leaf-cutter Bee
Spurred CeratinaCresson's DialictusBufflehead Mason Bee
Hornfaced Bee

Beetle Species

Emerald Ash BorerMottled Tortoise BeetleSpotted Lady Beetle
Margined LeatherwingSotted Cucumber BeetleMulticolored Asian Lady Beetle
Bronzed Tiger BeetleWestern Corn RootwormFourteen-spotted Lady Beetle
Punctured Tiger BeetlePigweed Flea BeetleGolden Net-winged Beetle
Locust BorerSwamp Milkweed Leaf BeetlePatent Leather Beetle
Red Milkweed BeetleFalse Potato BeetleOriental Beetle
Striped Cucumber BeetleGoldenrod Leaf MinerMasked Chafer Beetle
Green Tortoise BeetleClavate Tortoise BeetleJapanese Beetle
Dogbane BeetleTwice-stabbed Lady BeetleRound-necked Sexton Beetle

Butterfly Species

These butterflies have been sighted at Mt. Pleasant Farm by the Howard County Bird Club. View their Site Guide

Swallowtail Butterflies:Brush-footed Butterflies:Skipper Butterflies:
Pipevine SwallowtailsAmerican SnoutSilver-spotted Skipper
Black SwallowtailsVariegated FritillaryLong-tailed Skipper
Spicebush SwallowtailGreat Spangled FritillaryNorthern Cloudywing
Giant SwallowtailMeadow FritillaryHayhurst's Scallopwing
Eastern Tiger SwallowtailSilvery CheckerspotJuvenal's Duskywing
Pearl CrescentHorace's Duskywing
Whites and Sulphur Butterflies:Question MarkWild Indigo Duskywing
Cabbage WhiteEastern CommaCommon Checkered-Skip
Falcate OrangetipMourning CloakCommon Sootywing
Clouded SulphurAmerican LadySwarthy Skipper
Orange SulphurPainted LadyClouded Skipper
Cloudless SulphurRed AdmiralLeast Skipper
Sleepy OrangeCommon BuckeyeFiery Skipper
Red-spotted PurplePeck's Skipper
Gossamer- Winger Butterflies:ViceroyTawny-edged Skipper
HarvesterHackberry EmperorCrossline Skipper
American CopperNorthern Pearly EyeSouthern Broken-dash
Coral HairstreakLittle Wood SatyrNorthern Broken-dash
Banded HairstreakCommon Wood NymphLittle Glassywing
Juniper HairstreakMonarchSachem
White M HairstreakTawny EmperorHobomok Skipper
Gray HairstreakZabulon Skipper
Red-banded HairstreakBroad-winged Skipper
Eastern Tailed-blueDun Skipper
Summer AzureOcola Skipper

Moth Species

Clemen's Grass Tubeworm MothPainted Lichen MothSkiff MothRed-humped Oakworm Moth
Angel MothCommon Idia MothSpotted Apatelodes MothDiamondback Moth
Shy Cosmet MothCommon Fungus MothScalloped Sack-bearer MothEvergreen Bagworm Moth
Sooty-winged Chalcoela MothTexas Mocis MothAfflicted Dagger MothMorning-glory Plume Moth
Double-banded Grass-veneer MothWhite-marked Tussock MothAmerican Dagger MothLesser Cornstalk Borer Moth
Eastern Grass-veneer MothWhite Edge MothBirch Dagger MothMediterranean Flour Moth
Pasture Grass-veneer MothDark-spotted Palthis MothGreen Marvel MothDiamorphic Macalla Moth
Grape Leaffolder MothBrown Panopoda MothSpeared Dagger MothBroad-banded Eulogica Moth
Julia's Dicymolomia MothMaple Looper MothYellow-haired Dagger MothClover Hayworm Moth
Waterlily leafcutter MothBlack-banded Owlet MothSouthern Oak MothSycamore Webworm Moth
Spotted Peppergrass MothIsabelle Tiger MothGreater Oak Dagger MothLocust Leafroller Moth
Changeable Grass-veneer MothSpeckled Renia MothRetarded Dagger MothOrange-tipped Oakworm Moth
Bold-feathered Grass MothSpotted Grass MothIpsilon Dart MothIo Moth
Elegant Grass-veneer MothDeadwood BorerGreen Cutworm MothTulip-tree Silkworm
Lucerne MothSix-spotted Gray MothMany-dotted Appleworm MothRegal Moth
Splendid Palpita MothVirginian Tiger MothAsteroid MothRosy Maple Moth
Bluegrass Webworm MothFlorida Tetanolita MothBrown-hooded Owlet MothImperial Moth
Titan Peale's Pyralid MothLunate Zale MothGrateful Midget MothCecropia Moth
Bicolored Pyrausta MothVariable Zanclognatha MothVariegated Midget MothLesser Peachtree Borer Moth
Variable Reddish Pyrausta MothLettered Zanclognatha MothScalloped Sallow MothRiley's Clearwing Moth
Double-striped Scoparia MothGrayish Zanclognatha MothBeautiful Wood-nymph MothDogwood Borer Moth
Celery Leaftier MothLarge Paectes MothHarris's Three-spot MothElm Sphinx
Genista Broom MothBlack-smudged Chionodes MothCorn Earworm MothCatalpa Sphinx
Snowy Urola MothFall Cankerworm MothLupatus Straw MothVirginia Creeper Sphinx
Schlaeger's Fruitworm MothOak Besma MothExplicit Arches MothSnowberry Clearwing
Oak Leaftier MothFaint-spotted Angle MothUnarmed Wainscot MothHummingbird Clearwing
Arched Hooktip MothTulip-tree Beauty MothSmall Mossy Lithacodia MothCarolina Sphinx
Rose Hooktip MothBeggar MothBlack-bordered Lemon MothSmall-eyed Sphinx
Planthopper Parasite MothGrapevine Looper MothFlame-shouldered Dart MothSpotted Thyris Moth
False Underwing MothCommon Eupithecia MothHebrew MothApple Trumpet Leaf Miner
Harnessed Tiger MothConfused Eusarca MothSmall Brown Quaker MothRobinson's Acleris Moth
Clover Looper MothChickweed Geometer MothRagweed Flower MothRed-banded Leafroller Moth
Forage Looper MothCommon Angle MothYellow-striped Armyworm MothParallel-banded Leafroller Moth
Ilia Underwing MothCanadian Melanolophia MothCommon Sragueia MothOblique-banded Leafroller Moth
Bride Underwing MothJuniper Geometer MothGreater Black-letter Dart MothGarden Tortrix Moth
Black Bit MothCommon Tan Wave MothSmall Baileya MothThe Batman Moth
Yellow-collared Scape MothFriendly Probole MothBlack-spotted Prominent MothLocust Twig Borer Moth
Delicate Cycnia MothLarge Lace-bordered MothWalnut Caterpillar MothBrighton's Epiblema Moth
Salt Marsh MothWavy-lined Emerald MothYellow-necked Caterpillar MothRagweed Borer Moth
Milkweed Tussock MothFalse Crocus Geometer MothWhite Furcula MothReddish Eucosma Moth
Locust Underwing MothSaddleback Caterpillar MothWavy-lined Heterocampa MothSculptured Moth
Virgin Tiger MothPurple-crested Slug MothSaddled Prominent MothLabyrinth Moth
Sycamore Tussock MothSpiny Oak-slug MothDouble-lined Prominent MothBlack-shaded Platynota Moth
Banded Tussock MothSpun Glass Slug MothWhite-dotted Prominent MothTufted Apple Budmoth
Baltimore Bomolocha MothYellow-shouldered Slug MothAngulose Prominent MothSparganothis Fruitworm Moth
Gray-edged Bomolocha MothNason's Slug MothRed-humped Caterpillar MothAilanthus Webworm Moth
Giant Leopard MothSmaller Parasa MothBlack-blotched Schizura MothClemen's False Skeletonizer Moth
Fall Webworm MothMonkey Slug MothUnicorn Caterpillar MothGrapeleaf Skeletonizer Moth

Damselfly Species

Ebony JewelwingStream Bluet
Variable DancerCitrine Forktail
Azure BluetFragile Forktail
Double-striped BluetEastern Forktail
Familiar BluetSlender Spreadwing

Dragonfly Species

Slender SpreadwingCommon Green DarnerPainted Skimmer
Azure BluetFawn DarnerWillow Skimmer
Double-striped BluetSwamp DarnerWandering Glider
Familiar BluetCommon SanddragonSpot-winged Glider
Stream BluetBrown SpiketailEastern Glider Amberwing
Citrine ForktailTiger SpiketailCommon Whitetail
Fragile ForktailTwin-spotted SpiketailAutumn Meadowhawk
Eastern ForktailHalloween SpiketailBlack Saddlebags
Violet (Variable) DancerSlaty Skimmer


Fungi at Mt. Pleasant

Meadow MushroomVelvet ShankCinnabar Red Polypore
Scaly Wood MushroomOyster MushroomTurkey Tail
Purple-spored PuffballFawn MushroomViolet Tooth
Giant PuffballGlistening InkcapCrown-tipped Coral
Streaked Bird's NestScaly Ink CapCrowded Parchment
Gemmed PuffballTree EarCherry Knot Gall
Parasol MushroomCommon EarthballWalter's Earth Tongue
Fly AmanitaWhite Green-algae CoralBlack Jelly Drops
Crimped GillStinky SquidYellow Fairy Cups
Shaggy ManeMossy Maple PolyporeStalked Hairy Fairy Cup
Silver Leaf FungusSulfur ShelfTar Spot of Maple
Powder-scale PholiotaHairy PanusCedar Apple Rust
Fused MarasmiusMilk-white Toothed PolyporeBeech Hypoxylon
Broad GillBlackfoot PolyporeAlder Tongues
Black-stalked MarasmiusGilled BracketWitches Butter
Orange MycenaHexagonal-pored Polypore
Walnut MycenaFlecked-flesh Polypore
Luminescent PaneliusCracked Cap Polypore


Lichen at Mt. Pleasant

Crustose Lichens:Foliose Lichens:
Common Button LichenCandleflame Lichen
Gray-rimmed LichenCommon Greenshield Lichen
Red Firedot LichenWrinkled Loop Lichen
Powdery Goldspeck LichenPowdery Axil-bristle Lichen
Common Goldspeck LichenSouthern Powdered Ruffle Lichen
Brown-eyed Rim LichenSalted Ruffle Lichen
Rock Disk LichenRough Speckled Shield Lichen
Fluffy Disk LichenMeally Rosette Lichen
Stilling's Disk LichenDragon Cladonia Lichen
Speckled Blister Lichen
Black Stone Lichen
Common Powderhorn Lichen
Egg-yolk Lichen


Plants at Mt. Pleasant

Native Tree Species

Box ElderFlowering DogwoodWhite Pine
Red MapleHawthornAmerican Sycamore
Silver MapleCommon PersimmonBlack Cherry
Sugar MapleAmerican BeechChoke Cherry
ServiceberryBlack LocustWhite Oak
Paw PawAmerican HollyBlack Oak
River BirchBlack WalnutChestnut Oak
American HornbeamEastern Red CedarWillow Oak
Mockernut HickorySweet GumRed Oak
Pignut HickoryTulip PoplarBlack Willow
Common HackberrySweetbay MagnoliaSassafras
Eastern RedbudRed MulberryBald Cypress
White FringetreeBlack GumSlippery Elm
Silky DogwoodIronwoodAmerican Elm
Speckled AlderSwamp Cottonwood

Native Shrub Species

Devil's Walking StickHydrangeaSmooth Sumac
American BeautyberrySt. John's WartStaghorn Sumac
New Jersey TeaInkberryPasture Rose
ButtonbushWinterberryAllegany Blackberry
Sweet PepperbushVirginia SweetspireBlack Raspberry
Red Twig DogwoodSpicebushElderberry
American HazelnutBlack ChockberryCoral Berry
Witch HazelNinebarkBlackhaw
Gray DogwoodBox Elder

Native Vines Species

Poison Ivy
Virginia Creeper
American BittersweetRiverbank Grape
Coral HoneysuckleSummer Grape
GreenbriarVirgin's Bower

Fern Species

Eastern Hayscented Fern
Christmas Fern
Ostrich Fern
Sensitive Fern
New York Fern
Cutleaf Grapefern

Herbaceous Perennials and Wildflowers 

Agrimony, Small-flowered
Aster, Heath
Aster, Purple-stemmed
Avens, White
Beggar-ticks, Swamp
Bindweed, Hedge
Black-eyed Susan
Blue Curls
Bluebells, Virginia
Buckwheat, Climbing False
Burdock, Common
Buttercup, Bulbous
Buttercup, Kidneyleaf
Campion, White
Chickweed, Common
Chickweed, Star
Clover, Rabbit-foot
Clover, Red
Clover, White
Clover, Black
Coneflower, Green headed/Tall
Cress, Hairy Bitter
Cress, Mouse-ear
Cress, Winter
Daisy, Oxeye
Dayflower, Asiatic
Dock, Bitter/Broad
Dodder, Common
Evening-primrose, Common
Everlasting, Sweet
Fleabane, Daisy
Garlic, Field
Goldenrod, Canada
Goldenrod, Flat-topped
Goldenrod, Rough-stemmed
Ground Cherry, Smooth
Indian Hemp
Indian Tobacco
Joe-Pye Weed, Hollow
Knapweed, Brown
Knapweed, Spotted
Knotweed, Virginia
Lady’s Thumb
Lamb’s Quarter
Lilies, Fawn
Lobelia, Great
Mercury, Three-seeded
Milkweed, Common
Milkweed, Swamp
Mugwort, Common
Mullein, Moth
Mustard, Garlic
Nightshade, Bittersweet
Nightshade, Black/Common
Pennycress, Field
Peppergrass, Field
Peppergrass, Wild
Periwinkle, Lesser
Plantain, Broadleaved/Common
Plantain, English
Queen Anne’s Lace
Ragweed, Common
Ragweed, Great
Skunk Cabbage, Eastern
Snakeroot, Clustered
Solomon’s Seal, False
Spring Beauty
Spurge, Flowering
Strawberry, Indian
Tearthumb, Arrow-leaved
Tearthumb, Halbard-leaved
Tearthumb, Perfoliata
Thistle, Bull
Thistle, Canada
Tich-trefoil, Hoary
Toothwort, Slender
Touch-me-not, Spotted
Trout Lily
Vervain, White
Violet, Common Blue
Violet, Pale
Water-pepper, Mild
Wood-sorrel, Yellow