Climate Education

The future depends on our ability to educate environmentally aware and engaged stewards. Our new climate change focused programs work with students and teachers in Howard County to provide hands-on learning opportunities in the areas of climate change science impacts and solutions. Special focus is being given to the importance of climate justice, tree canopy coverage and urban heat islands

Climate kNOWledge - 6th grade

By 2023, all Howard County 6th grade students will participate in the Climate kNOWledge program as part of their regular 6th grade science course.  Climate kNOWledge includes classroom lessons and hands-on field experiences examining climate change and climate justice topics. During the unit, students will answer the question: How might individuals and communities understand and mitigate the impacts of severe weather (flooding and heat) caused by climate change in our region?

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Youth Climate Institute - 10th, 11th and 12th grades

The Youth Climate Institute© educates and certifies the next generation of leaders on climate science, environmental justice and real world solutions. YCI student voices are amplified for civic action and positive change in their communities leading to aware, engaged and responsible stewards of our shared planet. 

In this three year program, students will enter as Scholars and graduate as Certified Ambassadors with Honors©. The goal of this program is to educate and empower student Climate Ambassadors to create awareness and understanding of global climate change. They will identify and initiate action in their communities that lessen the adverse effects of climate change on human health, biodiversity, and the economy. We are looking for regional chapters to join us!

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Teacher Leaders in Climate Change

Teacher Leaders in Climate Change Education is a professional development program open to all current HCPSS teachers. Sessions are designed to develop teacher confidence and leadership in learning and teaching about the science behind climate change and how to inspire students through stewardship and action projects.  

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