Tour Stop #1Welcome to the Tour

Welcome to our walking tour! Text TBD.

How this works

At each tour stop, you will find a sign with a scannable QR image or web address you can type into your phone’s browser to open supplemental information and media about the particular historical building found at that station.

Scanning a qr code

At the bottom of each station’s web page, you will find suggested walking directions pointing you to the next station on our grounds.  Feel free to follow our suggested order, or save the full map PDF file to your device and explore on your own.

Your next steps:

From the parking lot, head to your right down the path until you see the blacksmith shop to your right. Review your route and destination below.  Click the button when you arrive.

Head from station 1 to station 2.

Map snip

Find the shop with the brick path on your right.

Blacksmith shop exterior