What is STEM?

-Traditionally, STEM incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  At Camp, we integrate Arts into so many of our activities, turning traditional STEM planning into STEAM! 

How does STEM/STEAM fit into Camp?

-We have always focused on science and nature at Camp, and we love to investigate over the course of our sessions and summer!  This year’s STEM Mission of the Week (MotW) will highlight the ways in which Campers use technology to solve problems, work together to design and test engineered structures and devices, and leverage mathematical reasoning to conduct science experiments. We find many imaginative ways to incorporate STEM into our daily planning; i.e. instead of a chemistry demonstration, Campers may participate in a Potion Class!  We encourage hands-on investigative learning. 

STEM Missions of the Week

Aquatic Odyssey: Ultimate Water Park

Design your own mini water slide or ride model and race to see whose ride can propel  rubber duckies the fastest.

 Earth Day, Every Day: ECO Protectors

What can you do to protect our wild species?   Race with your team around Camp in a game to see how many animals and habitats you can save.

 Expedition: Base Camp:  CYA Orienteering

Choose your own adventure to see how well you would survive in various situations.  Learn if you would survive a blizzard, find your trail when lost, or outsmart wild animals.

Extreme Animals:  Animal Olympics geocache

Find and compete in many different challenges.  Discover which animals are the fastest, strongest, or most extreme athletes.  You may be challenged to move like a gymnast, jump like an insect, or participate in a silly snake race!

Green STEM Camp: Engineering Recycled Racers

Form a racing team and design a racecar using recycled materials.  Discover how different types of simple machines can help you race to the finish line.

Pollinators Paradise:  Bee City Geocache

Geocache to discover where we can find and help pollinators throughout the year.  Find bat homes, butterfly smorgasbords, bee burrows, and bird flyways.  Learn how you can help these animals and keep your home pest-free without chemicals.

Talons and Teeth: Exploration Vacation

Navigate through Camp using orienteering tools, and connect with the special features of Maryland by exploring a Giant Map.

Water Wizards:  Camp Vine challenge

Campers will work in teams to create short videos about the secret super powers of animals.  Explore wetland habitats to discover their features, get an exclusive interview with a hiding animal, or animate a cartoon sequence to share what you’ve learned.  Videos will be shared with parents!

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