Campers visit the bridge over the East Branch stream during the Howard County Conservancy's summer nature day camp

Summer Nature Camp Sessions –
Belmont and Mt. Pleasant Camps


Aquatic Odyssey 

Animals are the ultimate ecosystem engineers!  Track our wetland animals, survey streams, and search for ecosystems changed by their animal inhabitants. Design a course for a rubber duck water race. Prepare for a wet and wild week of Camp!   

At Belmont: July 6-10 (session 3)
At Mt. Pleasant: July 6-10 (session 3): Session filled – Waiting List available

Earth Day, Every Day

It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – join our Conservation Celebration to discover how to save the animals in your backyard as well as in the most endangered habitats.  Geocache in a race to protect as many animals as you can, plant a tree at our Nature Center, and take home a native plant to bring animals to your yard!

At Belmont: July 13-17 (session 4)
At Mt. Pleasant: July 13-17 (session 4): Session filled – Waiting List available

Expedition: Base Camp

Learn to survive in the wild by building shelters, tying knots, preparing a fire circle, and using navigation and survival tools.  Participate in a choose your adventure game to see if you learned enough to survive!  Show off your skills at an optional Family Camp Out that will be offered Friday night.

At Belmont:  July 27-31 (session 6) – Camp families are invited to Mt. Pleasant for the Camp Out 
  –Session filled – Waiting List available
At Mt. Pleasant:  July 27-31 (session 6) – Family Camp Out scheduled for Friday evening
  –Session filled – Waiting List available

Extreme Animals

How do animals adapt to extreme habitats?  Play a game to try to survive like a wild animal – hide like prey, prowl like a predator, and adapt to changing conditions quicker than the other species.  Celebrate the start of the Summer Olympics with our camp’s own Animal Olympics!

At Belmont: July 20-24 (session 5)
At Mt. Pleasant: July 20-24 (session 5): Session filled – Waiting List available

Green STEM Camp

Begin your summer by jumping right into the science around us!  Join us in our outdoor lab and conduct experiments, engineer a recycled racer, and discover microscopic organisms all around us. Use high and low-tech means to investigate various habitats and learn how organisms engineer their environments to survive.

At Belmont: June 22-26 (session 1)
At Mt. Pleasant: June 22-26 (session 1) – Closing soon – 15 spaces remain

Pollinators Paradise

Campers will become citizen scientists as they search for the bumbling bees and busy butterflies, finding the secret hideaways of these flower fanatics. Discover a pollinator paradise in one of our many gardens and embark on a hunt to find native edible plants, such as pawpaw trees and blackberries.

At Belmont: August 10-14 (session 8)
At Mt. Pleasant:  August 10-14 (session 8): Session filled – Waiting List available

Talons and Teeth

Discover the fastest, strongest, and smartest animals around while learning how to track animals in the wild with the bare necessities. Campers will uncover how these creatures find and hunt their prey and the important role predators play in the food chain.  Join challenges to build the best habitat, navigate through camp, and have a wildly good time! (No camp July 3)

At Belmont: June 29-July 2 (session 2) – Campers will take a field trip to a local farm
At Mt. Pleasant: June 29-July 2 (session 2) –  Session cost $220): Session filled – Waiting List available

Tracks and Trails

Hit the trails to walk where few have gone before. Locate deer trails, find woodpecker holes, roll logs and search for salamanders.  Wildlife may lay low in the summer heat, but campers will track them high and low through the forests surrounding our Camps.  Meet animal visitors each day in this special session of Summer Camp!  (Special Session cost: $300; Campers must be ages 6-12)

At Belmont: August 17-21 (session 9): Closing soon – 6 spaces remain!
At Mt. Pleasant: August 17-21 (session 9):  Session filled – Waiting List available

Water Wizards 

What better way to escape the heat of summer than by participating in some aqua adventures! During this cooldown celebration we will visit wetlands, paint with watercolors, search for salamanders, excavate ice sculptures and more!  Expect to get wet!

At Belmont: August 3-7 (session 7): Closing soon – 4 spaces remain!
At Mt. Pleasant:  August 3-7 (session 7): Session filled – Waiting List available

Session availability updated 03/02/2020