School’s Out registration opens

Give them the thrill of discovery on days off from school. Registration is now open for the Conservancy's School's Out programs, which offer your child the chance to discover nature, including what's inside an owl pellet! With a full day of nature and science...

Spotted at the Conservancy: Beavers

Nature enthusiasts need to rise early to catch a glimpse of one of our resident beavers. They've been busy! Beaver families have built multiple lodges in the pond they created when they dammed the stream. Beaver dams create wetland habitat for native plants, insects...

5,000 students, 8 streams, 1 eel

In this year's Watershed Report Card investigation, 5,000 county high school students waded in eight streams to count hundreds of macroinvertebrates and grade our waterways' health. Conservancy staff and volunteers worked more than 400 hours to support them....

Meet the new kid

Welcome Pumpkin, our new goat. Holly, our Nigerian dwarf goat, charmed visitors during her long happy life here. We were saddened when she died in October. Buddy missed his companion, so we found a new pasture-mate for him, Pumpkin. She's settling in nicely. To see...

Education. Preservation. Stewardship

More than 35,000 people connect to nature each year through our environmental education programs for schools, families, children and adults. Our Mt. Pleasant Farmstead features 232-acres and 5 miles of trails for FREE, open dawn to dusk daily.

Three children digging and helping plant trees

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