Nature Center re-opens June 1
We are thrilled to announce that our nature center will officially re-open to...
Nature Center closed for repairs, grounds & trails open
After our flood on Christmas Eve, damage to our nature center was extensive....

Conservancy’s Youth Climate Institute in the news

The students at the Youth Climate Institute were ready for their close-ups at the Watershed Report Card Summit in April! The Conservancy's YCI hit the news on WJZ TV just before Earth Day, when they were planting trees, working the grounds and premiering their...

Students report water findings

Students from every county high school checked local waterways and schoolyards for pollution, erosion and water quality, then reported their results at last month’s Watershed Report Card Summit. At the ceremony, County Executive Calvin Ball, HCPSS secondary science...

Earth Day at the Conservancy

Join us for an Earth Day celebration, April 22, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.! We're organizing service projects including tree plantings and invasive plant removal, as well as hosting a light bulb exchange and clothing swap. Advance registration required for this free program....

Spotted at the Conservancy: Jumping spider

Spotted at the Conservancy: This jumping spider spun a cozy home in the curl of a dried leaf over the winter. Jumping spiders' large hind legs help them to jump six inches (10 to 20 times their body length) when they're hunting or threatened. Their four prominent...

Education. Preservation. Stewardship

More than 35,000 people connect to nature each year through our environmental education programs for schools, families, children and adults. Our Mt. Pleasant Farmstead features 232-acres and 5 miles of trails for FREE, open dawn to dusk daily.

Three children digging and helping plant trees

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